HL Stone Pavers & Coping

HL is one of the biggest supplier of Natural Stone in Melbourne. We deal with every Pool Builder/Pool Pavers and work as per their need and requirement. We specially take care of coping, every piece is handpicked, cut and bevelled per pool company requirements. In case of sandstone every coping piece is dip sealed beforehand. Apart from that we provide installation service also. We have our own installers, who only do hard paving and expert in doing this. We provide stone benchtops in Melbourne. Also we are expert Pavers in Melbourne.

HL Sandstone Pavers Melbourne

Sanstone is sedementary rock and formed in layers. The layers can be split naturally and has texture finish. The natural sandstone comes in following colours:

Suede sand, Desert Sand, Royal Beige, Drift Sand, Ash Grey

If the layers are strong, the natural finish could be honed or blocks could be cut also. The Honed finish comes in following colours:

Suede Sand, Sahara Gold, Royal Beige, Teakwood, Rainbow.

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SandstoneHL Bluestone Melbourne

Bluestone/ Basalt is an igneous rock, and has formed from liquied magma and lave which has cooled very quickly, usully by water. Basalt is very hard stone, whcih has low porosity. Comes in sawn, honed and flamed finish. Blue stone has honeycomb pattern running through which gives it rustic elegant natural look.

Exfoliated GraniteHL Exfoliated Granite 

Granite is very hard, tough and dense stone. Our Granite comes in flamed finish also called exfoliate finish which delivers a very hard wearing surface with excellent non slip properties.