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If you are creating a beautiful outdoor patio or looking to change the area around your pool, then HL Stone World has a huge range of natural granite and marble slabs from all over the world.  We pride ourselves on being one of the biggest dealers of natural granite at an affordable price. When it comes to quality and convenience, you can’t go wrong with the top granite paver suppliers in Melbourne i.e. HL Stone World.

An essential part of a swimming pool landscaping is paving, we offer quality natural stones for paving purpose including granite pavers. Our wide selection of stone pavers includes Suede Sand Natural, Desert Sand Natural, Royal Beige Natural, Drift Sand Natural, Suede Sand Honed, Sahara Gold Honed, Sahara Granite, etc. We are your one-stop destination for all paving requirements.

Whether you are a business owner who wants to revitalize a pool area with granite or simply renovating a large outdoor area using granite, we at HL Stone World ensure to provide you top-quality natural granite pavers in Melbourne.

Benefits of Applying Granite Pavers

  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal

Granite pavers are cut and created from the natural stone granite and carry a huge natural beauty. Whether you want to apply it for indoor or outdoor purposes, we provide you quality granite pavers in Melbourne which will blend well with all kinds of ambience by enhancing the appearance of any place.

  • Durable

Natural granite is one of the most long-lasting and the toughest stones. It has a very hard surface, making it tough to scratch or wear.

  •  Colourfast and stain resistant

Granites are resistant to stains and colourfast i.e. it will not fade or wash out. Generally, any liquid spilled on a granite top can be wiped up within a few minutes. Hence, natural granite is the most suitable for kitchen benchtops.

  • Slip-resistant

Granite pavers are perfect for applying to pool areas, where there will be lots of water splashed onto the floor. It has a rough surface which makes it slip-resistant stone, providing safety.

  • Low maintenance

There is very little maintenance necessary with granite pavers. It is suggested that you should close your pavers at least once in a year in order to reduce the risk of permanent staining.

  •  100% non-combustible

Our natural stone granite is completely fireproof and heat resistant. Therefore, granite pavers can be utilized near a fireplace or barbecue.

Classic Granite Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne

Granite is an igneous natural stone with a distinctive grain and extreme hardness. It is formed under conditions of great heat and pressure. It has a versatile surface which makes it the best for the use of benchtops.

Nothing compares to the elegance and beauty of granite benchtops in your kitchen. Whether you are renovating or creating a new kitchen, we are dedicated to installing quality natural granite benchtops in Melbourne which will enhance the overall look of your kitchen. We offer you a superb choice of hand selected granite for all types of interior or exterior design.  This elegant and versatile stone offers varieties of design options with shades, colours, and tones of unsurpassed beauty and richness.

Our Granite benchtops in Melbourne are cost-effective marble alternative. From advising you to select the right colour options to provide perfect granite benchtop installation, we cover all. We have made a strong reputation in supplying natural granite to residential as well as commercial projects in Melbourne.

Upgrade to a granite benchtop and add beauty to your kitchen.

Why Choose Our Granite Benchtops in Melbourne?

  • Affordable price and exceptional quality
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise
  • Friendly customer service
  • Accurate granite pavers and benchtop installation
  • Wide selection of granite and slabs
  • Quick turnaround time


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Looking for a wide selection of granite pavers in Melbourne? Or want to upgrade your kitchen with quality granite benchtops? Contact HL Stone World at 03 9356 9101 and get durable natural granite or marble slabs in Melbourne.

Granite is the second hardest stone after diamond and is therefore extremely durable material, so most widely used material in building industry all over the world. Most common uses are kitchen or bath counter tops, Interior and Exterior walls, Stairs, Bar tops, Barbeques, Porches, Driveways for this extremely hard – heat resistant material. HL Stone World carries wide range of natural granite/ marble slabs from all over the world, and install per your specifiation with in 2-3 weeks lead time. HL Stone world prides themselves in biggest dealer of natural granite and can beat any price. Our prices are approximately 35% less them market. We can do any shape and profile. We also do renovations, if you have old laminex and you are not happy with it call hl stone world they will come and advise you on colours and technicality of removing without damage to walls. we will take project right from start and finish. If you don’t know anybody who can make template for you we will organise that also.