7 Reasons to Love Granite Pavers and Benchtops

At HL Stone World we love granite. We supply granite pavers and granite benchtops across Melbourne. We understand the versatility, durability and natural beauty of granite.

If you’re thinking about building or renovating, then you’re obviously thinking about materials. From timber to marble, slate to glass there are plenty of different materials to choose from and each one has its own unique set of properties, its own pros and cons.

But few of them are as versatile as granite. Whether you’re considering new flooring, granite pavers around the swimming pool, kitchen benchtops or splashbacks or even a driveway, granite simply can’t be beaten.


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So, let’s have a look at our 7 reasons to use granite around your home.

  1. Toughness and durability – Granite is one of the hardest naturally occurring stones on the planet. It is naturally resistant to scratching, chipping and abrasion, making granite benchtops a perfect kitchen addition. Granite can also take immense weight without cracking. This means that granite pavers are brilliant for driveways and car parks as they can comfortably take the weight of a car without damage to the pavers. Granite’s durability also makes it great for flooring in high-traffic areas, as it won’t wear, fade or get scuffed or scratched by regular foot traffic.
  2. Naturally Water Resistant – Granite is a naturally non-porous stone. That means that even without sealing, granite absorbs very little water. This makes it an ideal material for kitchen benchtops or bathroom vanities and other wet areas around the house, like laundries or outdoor areas. Because it doesn’t absorb water, granite is also a very hygienic surface. It can be quickly wiped clean without needing specialised cleaners. And since water can’t penetrate the stone bacteria cannot breed within it.
  3. Heat Resistant and Non-Combustible – Granite is an igneous rock, which means it was formed through the cooling and solidifying of liquid magma or lava. Because of its formation under the most extreme geological conditions, granite has a natural resistance to heat and fire. This makes granite an idea material to use around high-heat areas of the house like benchtops and splashbacks by stovetops or areas around fireplaces.
  4. Resistant to chemicals – Granite is naturally much more resistant to chemicals and acids than other natural stone surfaces, like marble. This makes granite a popular choice for kitchen benchtops as household chemicals and acids are unlikely to damage the surface. Granite pavers are also great for around swimming pools as the pool chemicals or salt won’t damage the granite like they would other stone surfaces.
  5. Easy to Maintain – If you are looking for a low maintenance material then granite is a great option. Again, because it is non-porous, water cannot penetrate the surface of the stone, which prevents the build-up of bacteria, mould or mildew. Granite doesn’t require any special maintenance treatments or special cleaning agents to keep it looking great. Simply cleaning it with household detergent and water is enough to keep it in pristine condition.
  6. Timeless Beauty – The natural patterning and wide variety of colours makes granite one of the most aesthetically pleasing stones available. The glossy finish and reflective properties also help to create a sense of depth in the stone. The natural patterns of the stone also mean that no two slabs of granite are exactly the same. This ensures a unique patterning on any granite surface.
  7. Can Take Any Shape – Because granite is a natural stone, the shape and size of slabs are not limited by manufacturer’s specifications. Since the stone can be custom cut and shaped to your requirements, it makes for more seamless and durable surfaces.


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Benchtops and Granite Pavers in Melbourne

At HL Stone World we’re passionate about granite. If you’re looking for granite pavers or granite benchtops in Melbourne, we can help you out. We carry an extensive range of high-quality granite in a selection of beautiful colours and finishes.

Our team of designers can help you create the perfect look, whether it’s for your kitchen benchtops, poolside paving, driveway or wherever.

Give us a call today on (03) 9356 9101 or contact us online to discuss your requirements for pavers in Melbourne.

How to Pick the Perfect Stone Pavers

Whether it’s for home or for a commercial project, selecting the right pavers can be tricky. Different pavers have different properties, which means that the pavers you use by the swimming pool might not be an appropriate choice for a driveway.

And it’s not just the practical properties of pavers that affects how they are used. Different pavers come in various colours, finishes, sizes and shapes, all of which will have an impact on how and where they are used.

At HL Stone World, we stock a wide variety of stone pavers in Melbourne, including bluestone pavers, travertine pavers, granite pavers, pool pavers and much more. We have more than 15 years’ experience in the paving industry, and in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two.

So, we want to share some tips on selecting the perfect pavers.

Frequency of Use

Have a think about how much traffic and what kind of traffic will move across the paved area. Is it foot traffic or will cars be driving or parking on it? Will it receive heavy foot traffic every day (like a commercial building entrance) or light foot traffic (like a residential pool area)? The amount and type of traffic will help determine how durable the paving needs to be.

If you need pavers for an outdoor driveway or car park, then you need something that is durable and can withstand significant weight without cracking, such as granite or travertine pavers.

For areas with light foot traffic, slate or bluestone pavers are a great option. They are not as durable as granite, but are more than tough enough to handle everyday foot traffic, and they can create some beautiful looks around the house.


Size, Shape and Location of the Paved Area

The size, shape and location of the area will have a significant affect on the pavers you select. The cost component is an obvious consideration. The larger the area, the more it will cost to pave.

If you are paving a larger area, you should consider pavers that offer the best quality at cost-effective prices like travertine or bluestone pavers.

Your choice of paving can also help to create an illusion of space. For example, large format pavers can make smaller spaces appear bigger.

The location of the paved area is another factor that will influence your choice of pavers. If it’s a garden area you may want to opt for a natural stone that complements your garden aesthetic. Slate or bluestone pavers, for example, create a natural harmony with a native Australian garden.

If you are looking for paving around a swimming pool, you’ll want to consider pool pavers, which are resistant to damage from the swimming pool chemicals and salts. Pool pavers also have a non-slip finish, which is essential around pool areas.

Pattern and Look

It’s important to consider the paving pattern you want as well, as different types of pavers are better suited to different patterns. Common geometric paving patterns include stackbond, stretcherbond, herringbone and basketweave. You can also go for a non-geometric pattern using uncut slabs of natural stone like slate.

You’ll also want to consider the colour and finish of the pavers. At HL Stone World we supply a broad range of stone pavers in Melbourne in a range of colours and finishes. Colour is an important choice when it comes to matching your paving to your desired aesthetic.


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Exposure to Weather Conditions

Your choice of pavers can also depend on the weather conditions the paved area will be subject to. Will the paved area be in direct sunlight? Will it be regularly exposed to water? Will people be walking on it in bare feet?

Pool pavers are a great choice for outside areas as they are non-slip, they won’t fade in direct sunlight and they are friendly on bare feet.

For areas that get a lot of direct sunlight, it’s better to use light-coloured stone paving like sandstone or travertine pavers rather than dark-coloured stone like granite or bluestone pavers. Lighter colours absorb less heat in direct sunlight and are less prone to fading.

Maintenance Requirements

You should always consider the maintenance requirements when selecting your pavers. Some paving, like travertine pavers, will require regular sealing to prevent damage, stains and fading. Granite pavers, on the other hand, require much less maintenance and can be cleaned with nothing more than soapy water.

If you’re paving a large area, then selecting pavers with the lowest maintenance requirements can end up saving you time and money.

Selecting Stone Pavers in Melbourne – We Can Help

Paving is a great way to enhance the beauty of your home and add value to your outdoor areas. Stone pavers are generally extremely durable and low maintenance. However, the wide variety of pavers available means that making the right choice isn’t always easy.

At HL Stone World, we are one of the premier suppliers of quality pavers in Melbourne. Our team of experts can advise you when it comes to picking the perfect pavers for any area inside or outside your home. Contact us today on (03) 9356 9101 for any enquiries.

What You Need to Know About Pool Coping

What You Need to Know About Pool Coping – Types, Materials and Benefits

The process of installing a swimming pool in your backyard in Melbourne is not just limited to plonking it in the ground and filling it with water. You will have to get into all the details, including practicalities and overall aesthetics. Pool coping is one such detailing that you need to consider while installing your swimming pool.

What is Pool Coping?

While installing a swimming pool, you must have been advised to opt for pool coping in Melbourne. So what is it?

Pool coping gives a fine finishing touch to the top edge of your swimming pool. It is precisely the edging surrounding the pool in a way that pulls the look together. It is done to separate the pool from the adjacent surface area and also help to protect the pool structure.

Types of Pool Coping – What You Need to Know

There are various types of pool pavers in Melbourne that you can explore before filtering out to one.

  • Drop Down Face

You can opt for this type if you are inclined to give a seamless finish to your swimming pool. It hides the rim by fitting over the edge of the pool, making the water surface glow.

  • Square Edged

As the edges of this paver are square, this pool coping style gives a clean look. You can opt for the square edged option if you want to give a contemporary look to your pool.

  • Bullnose

Go for a traditional, heritage finish of your pool with Bullnose. It comes in variations like half, sloping or rebated styles involving one or more edges that are rounded to provide a softer finish.

  • Tumbled Edge

This intentionally uneven edge profile is a perfect option to consider if you want to give a rustic look to your pool. Being a high-quality natural stone, it offers a fine natural look to your pool.

  • Pencil Edge

This is the second contemporary option that you can consider for pool coping in Melbourne. The edges here are slightly rounded off providing a smoother surface to your pool deck.

What Materials Can You Use for Pool Coping?

You have a variety of materials to choose from for your swimming pool, but the most common ones include natural stones. They have an enormous charm adding tons of character to your pool design.

1) Bricks

Using brick for your pool pavers in Melbourne is always a good idea as bricks are durable and will last for decades. Moreover, they resist stains; do not require a lot of maintenance. This material looks very natural and can be used artistically in many design styles. If your outdoor theme is having brick-like exterior, opting for this style will totally complement your surroundings.

2) Natural Stones

There are yet again various options to explore in natural stones. Bluestone, travertine, sandstone and granite are a few amongst many.

  • Bluestone – Bluestone is a porous natural stone that is able to hold a large amount of water. Using this for your pool coping in Melbourne will not only protect your pavers, but it will also enhance its natural colours. Its natural ability to withhold harsh and unfriendly weather conditions is great.
  • Travertine – Travertine is long-lasting, has a non-slip surface, is heat-resistant and is easy to install. These natural stone pool pavers in Melbourne improve with age and are famous for holding colour and maintain the look for decades. Another great benefit is that these pavers require little or no maintenance.
  • Sandstone – Sandstone is known for its extremely durable nature. Its characteristics include relative affordability, ease of installation, unique textured pieces, easy maintenance, anti-skid surface, ease of replacement, versatile nature and much more.
  • Granite – The granite pavers in Melbourne provides durability, aesthetically pleasing, natural, low maintenance and fire-proof solution to your swimming pool area. Granite coping offers you with a consistent look. Being one of the hardest stones, this elegant, classy and versatile option is great when it comes to pool coping.

3) Wood and Composite Materials

It is true that wood provides a different aesthetics altogether, but it requires a lot of maintenance. Hence, it is better to opt for composite materials as they are water and moisture proof, will not be deformed or attacked by pests and insects.


Pool coping is a mandatory thing to consider when it comes to having a swimming pool. But, you definitely have all the liberties to choose the type of pool coping. The material, design and style can differ as per your preference and requirement. So, explore all the varied pool pavers in Melbourne before filtering it out to one.

HL Stone World can provide you wonderful coping options to suit your exteriors. You can contact our team directly at 03 9356 9101 for further inquiry on the available styles and designs in Melbourne.