Add Elegance to Your Home Exteriors

HL Stone World provides you with the most attractive Bluestone pavers in Melbourne to suffice all these needs, be it for a driveway, pool deck, or any other.

Know About the Bluestone in Melbourne

If you are looking for paving your pool area or courtyard in the most sophisticated way, we can offer an extensive range of floor tiles, wall cladding, steps, paving stone and pool coping. The Bluestone pavers can be used in the most dynamic applications as they are extremely dense and hardwearing.

Our natural Bluestone pavers in Melbourne are available in a huge variety of sizes, formats and surface textures. We offer a high-level of paver customization by giving attractive template curves as per your requirement. Bluestone with its appealing texture and character will add a distinctive touch to your pool deck or driveway, giving a timeless appeal.

As a paving material, Bluestone is extremely durable, environmentally friendly and visually appealing. Its low level of radioactivity makes it ideal for residential and commercial properties. It is designed safe and attractive for the people of all ages, with natural anti-slip properties and high appeal for any real estate market.

Use Bluestone Pavers in Your Home

The Bluestone in Melbourne can be used anywhere – indoors and outdoors. However, they make the best choice as outdoor materials. They are extremely versatile due to their strength and texture.

The Bluestone pavers can be used for the following:

  • Pool Decks
  • Walkways
  • Sidewalks
  • Garden Paths
  • Stepping Stones
  • Feature Walls

When deciding on the right pattern for your project, it is essential to consider these factors:

  • The shapes of pavers included in the pattern

It is the most important decision to be made in the shape of the paver as it will determine the laying pattern.

  • The area you will be paving

The wrong size can result in an uneven or crazy pattern. For instance, we will always advise you to use basic and simple pavers for a smaller area as it will create a flowing pattern and even make the area seem larger. Choosing pavers that are colourful and small may result in a busy pattern, making the area seem a lot smaller than the actual size.

  • Choosing the Right Pattern for Paving

This is an easy step. Consider what pattern will be laid, what surroundings it will be featured in and what suits best according to your interiors and exteriors. This will enable you to choose the right pattern. The most common patterns to choose from are:

The Herringbone – This entertaining pattern is best suited for patios, walkways and pool surroundings as the pavers are placed rectangular at a 45 or 90-degree angle.

Running Bond – This pattern lays the pavers side by side in another flowing pattern. This makes the shorter areas look longer and complement best to the driveways and walkways.

Basket Weave – It consists of two pavers parallel to each other and another is placed underneath the two. This is a busy pattern and is great for areas like small patios, garden paths, driveways.

Bluestone Paving & Coping Melbourne


  • Bluestone Drop Edge Coping – It will provide your pool coping with a flawless finish by making the water glow.
  • Bluestone Coping 600x340x30 pencil bevel – If you are inclined towards having a contemporary pool look with round edges, opt for this style.
  • Bluestone drops coping and retaining wall – This is the best option for the concrete pool where the retaining wall has cladding and capping of pencil edge style coping.
  • Bluestone Landscaping – Make an attractive backyard with our beautiful range of Bluestone pavers.
  • Bluestone Steps – Our experienced team will shape and size any stone according to your requirements by placing them perfectly on the steps.

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To inquire about the Bluestone in Melbourne, contact our team at 03 9356 9101 to get an immediate assistance!

Desert Sand Natural vic

Blue Stone Drop Edge Coping

Bluestone Drop edge coping comes in 500x220x70drop/
800x400x70 drop/ 600x400x40 drop
Bluestone coping comes in 500x240x20 bulnose /
600x240x30 pencil bevel/ 600x400x30 pencil bevel/
600x400x30 bulnose
Bluestone paving comes in 400×400/ 500×500/ 600×300/
800×400/ 1000×500/ Random crazy

Desert Sand Natural australia

BlueStone Coping 600x340x30 pencil bevel

The Picture shows the elegent bluestone pencil edge coping and 800×400 paving. The coping is custom made to fit the beam. Because all the coping edges are done here in melbourne we can make any shape or size.
We have coping available in 20mm and 30mm thickness. We can provide bassalt bluestone or dolomite bluestone.
The dolomite bluestone comes in sandbast finsih and bulnose coping…has no holes.

Desert Sand Natural sunshine

Bluestone drop coping and Retaining wall

Here the drop edge coping is used for concrete pool. The size of custom made coping is 500x220x70 drop and paving is 500×500. The retaining wall has cladding and capping of 500x240x20 pencil edge to fit.


Bluestone Landscaping

Bluestone Stepping stone and drops could be use to make attractive backyard and living area. Enquire to discuss with HL Stone designer for backyard landscaping and paving, stepping stone, Random Crazy…etc

black pool pavers

Bluestone Steps

HL Stone World supply and install all sizes of custom made bluestone. Our tilers are very experienced and are able to shape and size any stone on site. So any size steps could be cut and made on site to suit. Enquire about supply install packages.