How to Pick the Perfect Stone Pavers

Whether it’s for home or for a commercial project, selecting the right pavers can be tricky. Different pavers have different properties, which means that the pavers you use by the swimming pool might not be an appropriate choice for a driveway.

And it’s not just the practical properties of pavers that affects how they are used. Different pavers come in various colours, finishes, sizes and shapes, all of which will have an impact on how and where they are used.

At HL Stone World, we stock a wide variety of stone pavers in Melbourne, including bluestone pavers, travertine pavers, granite pavers, pool pavers and much more. We have more than 15 years’ experience in the paving industry, and in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two.

So, we want to share some tips on selecting the perfect pavers.

Frequency of Use

Have a think about how much traffic and what kind of traffic will move across the paved area. Is it foot traffic or will cars be driving or parking on it? Will it receive heavy foot traffic every day (like a commercial building entrance) or light foot traffic (like a residential pool area)? The amount and type of traffic will help determine how durable the paving needs to be.

If you need pavers for an outdoor driveway or car park, then you need something that is durable and can withstand significant weight without cracking, such as granite or travertine pavers.

For areas with light foot traffic, slate or bluestone pavers are a great option. They are not as durable as granite, but are more than tough enough to handle everyday foot traffic, and they can create some beautiful looks around the house.


Size, Shape and Location of the Paved Area

The size, shape and location of the area will have a significant affect on the pavers you select. The cost component is an obvious consideration. The larger the area, the more it will cost to pave.

If you are paving a larger area, you should consider pavers that offer the best quality at cost-effective prices like travertine or bluestone pavers.

Your choice of paving can also help to create an illusion of space. For example, large format pavers can make smaller spaces appear bigger.

The location of the paved area is another factor that will influence your choice of pavers. If it’s a garden area you may want to opt for a natural stone that complements your garden aesthetic. Slate or bluestone pavers, for example, create a natural harmony with a native Australian garden.

If you are looking for paving around a swimming pool, you’ll want to consider pool pavers, which are resistant to damage from the swimming pool chemicals and salts. Pool pavers also have a non-slip finish, which is essential around pool areas.

Pattern and Look

It’s important to consider the paving pattern you want as well, as different types of pavers are better suited to different patterns. Common geometric paving patterns include stackbond, stretcherbond, herringbone and basketweave. You can also go for a non-geometric pattern using uncut slabs of natural stone like slate.

You’ll also want to consider the colour and finish of the pavers. At HL Stone World we supply a broad range of stone pavers in Melbourne in a range of colours and finishes. Colour is an important choice when it comes to matching your paving to your desired aesthetic.


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Exposure to Weather Conditions

Your choice of pavers can also depend on the weather conditions the paved area will be subject to. Will the paved area be in direct sunlight? Will it be regularly exposed to water? Will people be walking on it in bare feet?

Pool pavers are a great choice for outside areas as they are non-slip, they won’t fade in direct sunlight and they are friendly on bare feet.

For areas that get a lot of direct sunlight, it’s better to use light-coloured stone paving like sandstone or travertine pavers rather than dark-coloured stone like granite or bluestone pavers. Lighter colours absorb less heat in direct sunlight and are less prone to fading.

Maintenance Requirements

You should always consider the maintenance requirements when selecting your pavers. Some paving, like travertine pavers, will require regular sealing to prevent damage, stains and fading. Granite pavers, on the other hand, require much less maintenance and can be cleaned with nothing more than soapy water.

If you’re paving a large area, then selecting pavers with the lowest maintenance requirements can end up saving you time and money.

Selecting Stone Pavers in Melbourne – We Can Help

Paving is a great way to enhance the beauty of your home and add value to your outdoor areas. Stone pavers are generally extremely durable and low maintenance. However, the wide variety of pavers available means that making the right choice isn’t always easy.

At HL Stone World, we are one of the premier suppliers of quality pavers in Melbourne. Our team of experts can advise you when it comes to picking the perfect pavers for any area inside or outside your home. Contact us today on (03) 9356 9101 for any enquiries.