What You Need to Know About Pool Coping

What You Need to Know About Pool Coping – Types, Materials and Benefits

The process of installing a swimming pool in your backyard in Melbourne is not just limited to plonking it in the ground and filling it with water. You will have to get into all the details, including practicalities and overall aesthetics. Pool coping is one such detailing that you need to consider while installing your swimming pool.

What is Pool Coping?

While installing a swimming pool, you must have been advised to opt for pool coping in Melbourne. So what is it?

Pool coping gives a fine finishing touch to the top edge of your swimming pool. It is precisely the edging surrounding the pool in a way that pulls the look together. It is done to separate the pool from the adjacent surface area and also help to protect the pool structure.

Types of Pool Coping – What You Need to Know

There are various types of pool pavers in Melbourne that you can explore before filtering out to one.

  • Drop Down Face

You can opt for this type if you are inclined to give a seamless finish to your swimming pool. It hides the rim by fitting over the edge of the pool, making the water surface glow.

  • Square Edged

As the edges of this paver are square, this pool coping style gives a clean look. You can opt for the square edged option if you want to give a contemporary look to your pool.

  • Bullnose

Go for a traditional, heritage finish of your pool with Bullnose. It comes in variations like half, sloping or rebated styles involving one or more edges that are rounded to provide a softer finish.

  • Tumbled Edge

This intentionally uneven edge profile is a perfect option to consider if you want to give a rustic look to your pool. Being a high-quality natural stone, it offers a fine natural look to your pool.

  • Pencil Edge

This is the second contemporary option that you can consider for pool coping in Melbourne. The edges here are slightly rounded off providing a smoother surface to your pool deck.

What Materials Can You Use for Pool Coping?

You have a variety of materials to choose from for your swimming pool, but the most common ones include natural stones. They have an enormous charm adding tons of character to your pool design.

1) Bricks

Using brick for your pool pavers in Melbourne is always a good idea as bricks are durable and will last for decades. Moreover, they resist stains; do not require a lot of maintenance. This material looks very natural and can be used artistically in many design styles. If your outdoor theme is having brick-like exterior, opting for this style will totally complement your surroundings.

2) Natural Stones

There are yet again various options to explore in natural stones. Bluestone, travertine, sandstone and granite are a few amongst many.

  • Bluestone – Bluestone is a porous natural stone that is able to hold a large amount of water. Using this for your pool coping in Melbourne will not only protect your pavers, but it will also enhance its natural colours. Its natural ability to withhold harsh and unfriendly weather conditions is great.
  • Travertine – Travertine is long-lasting, has a non-slip surface, is heat-resistant and is easy to install. These natural stone pool pavers in Melbourne improve with age and are famous for holding colour and maintain the look for decades. Another great benefit is that these pavers require little or no maintenance.
  • Sandstone – Sandstone is known for its extremely durable nature. Its characteristics include relative affordability, ease of installation, unique textured pieces, easy maintenance, anti-skid surface, ease of replacement, versatile nature and much more.
  • Granite – The granite pavers in Melbourne provides durability, aesthetically pleasing, natural, low maintenance and fire-proof solution to your swimming pool area. Granite coping offers you with a consistent look. Being one of the hardest stones, this elegant, classy and versatile option is great when it comes to pool coping.

3) Wood and Composite Materials

It is true that wood provides a different aesthetics altogether, but it requires a lot of maintenance. Hence, it is better to opt for composite materials as they are water and moisture proof, will not be deformed or attacked by pests and insects.


Pool coping is a mandatory thing to consider when it comes to having a swimming pool. But, you definitely have all the liberties to choose the type of pool coping. The material, design and style can differ as per your preference and requirement. So, explore all the varied pool pavers in Melbourne before filtering it out to one.

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